Audit & Assurance Services

i) Statutory Audits: - Corporate & Non-Corporate

Audit services provide clients with solutions that take care of issues related to:

Statutory obligations
Review of financial documents
Preparation of Quarter end/Yearend Financial Statements
Certification of Financial Statements
Compliance with Indian Accounting Standards & GAAP

The audits are planned each year based on certain pre-assigned risk & control parameters which enables us to identify areas in the client's operations that require a thorough review and provide assurance of controls & checks.

ii) Internal Audits: - Corporate & Non- Corporate

Internal & Management Audit Services include:

Review of the existing internal systems & controls
Management Information Systems review

This process is based on modern techniques and tools to arrive at credible quantitative and qualitative analysis. The audit reports address concerns of timeliness, accurate analysis, quantifications and necessary qualifications.