Setting Up Business In India

The world is focused on India as a lucrative business opportunity. It is boom time in business thanks to favorable policies of the Government of India, large pool of trained software professionals, skilled talent and the unique advantage of the time zone difference. These positive indicators have attracted many foreign corporations to set up their business operations in India. At the same time, doing business in India has its own set of challenges, as it involves understanding the complex taxation system in India, taking care of statutory compliances, detailed documentation, and local laws including labour laws and most important, getting the right kind of resources to do the job.

Our firm helps people in overcoming these challenges. We specialize in providing a complete service for India subsidiaries of overseas groups. We pull together the skill, resources and expertise of professionals with wide educational and legal backgrounds. We work closely with each client and provide our experience and expertise in helping them to decide the status through which he should start-up his business. In addition, clients' needs are efficiently handled through the effective flow of information within the firm and high quality research materials with well equipped library and computer support service. This leaves the clients free to focus on their energy on their existing business.